Our expertise

Claranet is a unique, people focused, technology services company. We’re 100% focused and committed to providing the right service for our customers, to fuel their success, now and for the future.

Secure and connected, public cloud experts

For over 20 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping our customers get the most from pioneering technologies and practices to rapidly propel their business ambitions. We bring together world leading subject matter experts, technology platforms and a game-changing partner ecosystem. Our deep expertise and experience in combining cybersecurity, network and communications, and hybrid cloud sets us apart.

1,500+ Technical experts

60+ Cybersecurity experts

140+ Certified cloud engineers

400+ Customers in AWS and Azure

10,000+ Connections switched to Claranet this year

900+Managed Wide Area Networks

Industry leading Net Promoter Score +64

We understand that the quality of the service we provide reflects directly on you and your organisation. We appreciate that our service is often an intergral part of your service to your customers and we take our role in that relationship very seriously. We are committed to providing the best customer service, not only benchmarked against other providers in one of our disciplines, but across all - cybersecurity, networks, communications and hybrid cloud.

Business focused. Technology inspired.

We deliver thousands of projects every year and manage critical national infrastructure 24x7 – From large multi-year transformation programmes to thousands of small technology changes each day, we smoothly manage technology and operational change, while keeping our customers safe and secure.

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