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Our customers and their industries

Claranet works with customers across all industries, building up a wealth of knowledge that is shared. We bring the brightest ideas from the work we see day in, day out and apply the learnings to your particular situation.

Access the brighest thinking from inside and outside of your sector

Industry spotlight

Financial services

Financial services

Financial Services organisations are challenged like never before. They need to provide compelling anytime access to seamless and personalised customer experiences but also stay secure and compliant. Learn how financial services companies are progressing fast with Claranet.

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Technology and Platforms

Public Sector

Public sector organisations are challenged like never before. They need to provide joined-up front line services, improve efficiencies and deliver better outcomes whilst staying secure and compliant. Learn how Public sector companies get and stay ahead with Claranet.

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“Claranet have truly become an extension of our business.”


“Claranet provide incredible flexibility.”


“It was like going from a dark night to a very summery day.”


“The knowledge that we have gained from working with Claranet is now being used for future expansion.”


“Claranet's understanding of our plans for growth enables us to deliver return on investment to our customers.”