New Amazon Web Services Region in Switzerland

AWS Europe Zurich

The new AWS Europe (Zurich) Region offer advanced cloud technologies that enables innovation opportunities, entrepreneurship and digital transformation. Developers, startups and business, as well as public administrations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations can take advantage of the Region to run applications and serve their users in the whole Switzerland with the lower latency maintaining full ownership and control over the content hosted on Swiss territory.

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Who we are

Claranet is the highest accredited Multi-Cloud provider worldwide with a strong experience on migration and running of applications and infrastructures 24x7. Our services are based on DevOps principles that strengthen collaboration and communication between customer and Claranet.

Founded on 1996 and active on Swiss territory by 2016 Claranet is specialized in Cloud infrastructure andCloud Native software development. During the years we acquired competency on technologies and training, offering courses on cloud adoption and most modern development metodologies.

Claranet's multidisciplinary team is composed by AWS certified people and roles like::

  • Agile Developers
  • Cloud Solution Architects
  • Amazon Authorized Instructors
  • AWS Community Builders
  • AWS User Group leaders

Active in 10 Countries

We are active in 10 Countries with 25+ offices in Europe, United States and Brasil. In Switzerland we have offices in Zurich and Lugano.

2500+ staff members for your needs

Our experts are always ready to put their skills at your disposal, allowing you to make the most of the potential of the most recent and most used technologies.

More than 10000 customers

Customers of various sizes and various sectors have already chosen Claranet as a partner to face new technological challenges with reliability and propensity to innovation.

AWS Partnership

As Premier Consulting Partner, we support our customers to design high available and scalable Cloud infrastructures, to migrate their applications with strategies like Lift and Shift, Replatform or Refactoring and run workload 24x7 managing Cloud resources together with them.

Claranet holds several AWS competencies, starting from DevOps and Migration as well as being part of program such AWS Managed Service Program and Reseller Program.

AWS Managed Services

Managed Service

We create Managed Services solutions for more than 10,000 customers in every vertical (for example RSI, Condé Nast, Cerved) worldwide.

Our Managed Service is based on DevOps principles, where the infrastructure is fully automated and the collaboration with the customer is essential.

Organized on the “You build it, You run it” model, the engineers who guide you in this phase are the same who will implement the solutions. Our team also aims to keep the infrastructure updated in order to make the most of the Cloud provider's pricing model optimizing costs (FinOps).

AWS Managed Services


Through the proven experience in the world of Infrastructure Automation, cloud computing and to our innate knowledge of Agile methodologies we are the ideal partner to ensure that software release and infrastructure maintenance become a collaborative and continuous process that responds quickly to business demands.

Furthermore, the Claranet group has recently acquired NotSoSecure and SecOne, leading companies in the field of security. Together we can integrate security into the software life cycle.

DevSecOps means thinking about application and infrastructure security from the start.

AWS Managed Services

Migration & Refactoring

In our experience we have faced migrations for enterprise customers, from the insurance and banking sector to the automotive sector. Our gradual and customizable process always starts with an in-depth assessment of the existing architecture. This helps us understand how far we can go and how much effort is needed to make your application truly Cloud Native, so that you can take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud.

AWS Managed Services


Claranet can help you to use AWS IaaS, PaaS and SaaS options in Machine Learning with the aim of creating models and products that support your business. Our MLOps team can guide you through the use of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques for analyzing Big-Data collected by the various infrastructure management and monitoring tools. Together we can build models that, through correlation, classification and clustering of application and infrastructure logs, provide intelligent insights and promote automation and collaboration.