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Continuous Security Testing

Our Continuous Security Testing service combines industry-leading application-scanning technology with the knowledge and expertise of senior penetration testing consultants.

Change introduces risk. We let you move fast and stay secure.

24/7 surveillance

Attackers are always looking for new vulnerabilities and new ways to exploit them. Add this to constant application development and change and your risk exposure is changing fast. In many cases, traditional annual penetration testing just isn’t the answer.

The Continuous Security Testing service searches your web applications and IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and security weaknesses... continuously.

Claranet Cyber Security’s Continuous Security Testing will dramatically reduce the mean time for you to become aware of serious vulnerabilities.

The right solution

Repeated penetration tests can be costly, and the knowledge required to filter through and understand the data results from automated scanners is not always available in-house. Ideally, penetration testers and automated scanners work together to discover and exploit issues, with all issues being followed up by an experienced tester to verify possible impact and business risk.

Claranet Cyber Security’s Continuous Security Testing service provides exactly this. It combines continuous vulnerability scanning with regular penetration testing activity to enable your internet-facing attack surface to be continually tested for vulnerabilities.

Combining techniques to give the best results

Whilst penetration testing is a proven method to discover vulnerabilities, it is limited to a snapshot in time. Continuous penetration testing is designed to run alongside an existing penetration testing programme, to ensure vulnerabilities don’t go unchecked between engagements. Continuous Security Testing combines advanced application scanning with manual penetration testing by experts and all findings are evaluated and assessed for impact. We identify, rank, and report, giving guidance and information on real-world risk. Our penetration testing consultants analyse vulnerabilities as they arise, provide concise and detailed alerts, and highlight changes made in your environment

Continuing to build your security

We keep a regular view of your rapidly changing applications, allowing our team to get to know you and your applications over time, continuing to build up your coverage. You get faster insight into any vulnerabilities than traditional point-in-time penetration testing with a continuous cycle of testing and remediation. We custom fit it to your needs and work with you on an ongoing basis - building security through partnership.

Continuing Security Testing complements our traditional penetration testing services. Work with us to ensure you get the right answer for your security needs.

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