Antares : Ready-to-use containerised platform on AWS icon

Antares : Ready-to-use containerised platform on AWS

Bringing Devops, Collaboration and Governance Together

AWS, Beanstalk, Docker, Terraform, Gitlab CI...
Rely on proven services and technologies.

Velocity, Autonomy and Compliance

Autonomy and acceleration

Focus on what really matters : innovation, new features, Time To Market.. Our teams take care of your infrastructure.

Packaged, standardised, scalable solution

Deploy your code on a ready-to-use, scalable, secure platform, complemented by a range of DevOps and CI/CD tools, and secured 24/7 by Claranet's experts.

Discover a packaged, scalable and secure AWS platform with a packaged AWS platform.

Deploy one or more sites, put a dematerialisation solution online, manage an Ad Serving application, ...

Security by design

Secure by design

DevSecOps approach : tools and processes included to guarantee the level of security from the first push of applications.

Plateforme PaaS

Like a PaaS

Solution as simple and efficient as a SaaS or PaaS offering.

maitrise technologique


Customisable solution to maintain autonomy and technological control

AWS Cloud, Containerisation and Collaborative Managed Services

Collaborative Managed Services

  • Your teams manage the evolutions of the platforms in production
  • Vos équipes sont autonomes sur la gestion des applications, des services et APIs AWS.

24/7 Managed Services

  • Dashboards for all your teams
  • A unified view of the platform


  • "Docker Compose" Packaging
  • Terraform module catalogue
  • Beanstalk Multi Container to take full advantage of the benefits of Docker


  • Data encryption
  • Access traceability/li>
  • Secrets management
  • Detection of Risk Behaviors


  • Complete and standardised CI/CD pipelines
  • Terraform codebase provisioning
  • AWS Beanstalk to deploy and scale Web applications and services
Leading AWS cloud practice in Europe

Leading AWS cloud practice in Europe

Claranet is one of AWS most important partners in Europe. Our teams have the highest level of certification and support more than 400 customers in the public cloud.