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Teams Governance

Manage the complete life cycle of your Teams

You intend to deploy Microsoft Teams and you are wondering about the best governance to adopt ?

Teams Governance© allows you to manage the complete lifecycle, from creation, usage and archiving. It gives you the opportunity to follow the activity of the different Teams, to manage and rationalise them.

The application is entirely based on O365 using existing and available bricks (Microsoft Flow, Power Apps, Power BI, Azure AD ...) to allow you to optimize your Teams governance.


Work with Claranet 365

  • Microsoft product team support
  • In OCP Microsoft Catalogue
  • Flexible and tailored to your business
  • Our consultants will be there for you
  • Technical legitimacy
  • Proven expertise

Automate Teams creation

Application form for the opening of Teams & Associated Validation Workflows

Protect customer assets from internal and external threats by ensuring :

  • Automatic management of the naming convention
  • Approval to open new spaces
  • Templating...

Visualise all your Teams

Thanks to the development of an advanced directory, your coworkers have a complete view on all the Teams of your company.

WebPart multi-platforms

  • Teams integration
  • SharePoint (Modern UX) integration

Full Directory

  • Teams Synthesis
  • Detailed information
  • Public, Private, archived Teams

Associated process

  • Access request workflows
  • "De-archiving" request workflow.

Faceted search

  • Thematics
  • Location

Manage the life cycle

Analyze the Teams activity

We help you get information, KPIs on Teams to enable technical and business teams to make governance decisions.

Power BI dashboard

  • Activity statistics (channels, posts, users, countries ...)
  • Teams usage curves
  • Teams scoring, users scoring
  • Obsolescence indicator (inactive since ...)

Archive your Teams

Archive your Teams automatically or on demand.



Accompagnement sur mesure

Bespoke assistance

A consulting phase is included in the process, to meet your unique needs

Optimisation des coûts

Cost optimisation

Our solution uses O365 native services, already included in your licenses

Focus sur votre métier

Focus on what really matters

Thanks to process automation, your teams focus on business value