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Tackle the Skills Gap

TrainOps is Claranet’s proven methodology to address the widening skills gap problem afflicting the industry by and large and the distance between classic training and real-life adoption in particular.

Developed and refined over the years in the field, initially delivering Amazon AWS official certified training and then evolving in a blend with the addition of custom, in-house developed material and learning paths.

TrainOps continuous learning approach helps adopting the Cloud from the Ops point of view and a Cloud Native Applications approach from a Dev one.

It’s built on 3 pillars :



  • Current skills assessment
  • Learning path definition :
  • standard courses + custom courses + Hands-on Lab + Accreditations (if needed)

  • Technical Peer Review pillar’s output feeds back into the Training pillar

Cloud Center Of Excellence

  • Drive Cloud Culture
  • Collaborate closely with your chosen Cloud vendor
  • Engage and Evangelize
  • Scale and Re-Organize
  • Build Reference Architectures
  • Research
Technical Peer Review

Technical Peer Review

  • Joint Code Peer Review:
  • Dev code + Sec code best practices + Ops code + Infrastructure As Code

  • Best suites strategy and improvement
  • Clean Code
  • Performance

Not sure whether Cloud Native Application Delivery or TrainOps is best for your needs? That’s why we always start with our Cloud Native Assessment which will help us both identify strengths, gaps and the best way forward.

Let us collaboratively assess your organisation in terms of technology but also processes and skills and gain insights on the steps that could make you better able to seize new opportunities, and deliver more value faster.

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Microservices on AWS Training

Leading AWS cloud practice in Europe

Leading AWS cloud practice in Europe

Claranet is one of AWS most important partners in Europe. Our teams have the highest level of certification and support more than 400 customers in the public cloud.